Appropriate Assessment

Appropriate Assessment Screening

AppropriateĀ Assessment :

In accordance with the requirements of the EU Habitats directive, where plans or projects are located within close proximity to a Natura Site (e.g. Special Areas of Conservation or Special Protection Areas), there is an obligation to undertake the AppropriateĀ Assessment (AA) Process.

The first stage involves a preliminary assessment known as AA Screening. AA Screening will determine whether the proposed plan or project, alone or in combination with other plans or projects, will have significant impacts upon Environmental Designations. If no impacts are expected, the assessment is complete.

Where AA Screening has identified potential impacts on an Environmental Designation, which are considered significant or unknown, a Natura Impact Statement (NIS) must be completed. The NIS will examine the potential impacts in detail, and suggest mitigation measures to prevent adverse effects.

Planning Consultancy Services in partnership with qualified ecologists delivers comprehensive Appropriate Assessment Screening reports, and Natura Impact Statements in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Authority and the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.